So you’ve booked your bridal appointment with us at Kelly Faetanini Atelier in New York; first of all, we’re excited you’re here. We love helping our brides along the exciting journey that’s finding the perfect wedding gown! We find that a lot of brides feel a little nervous about their first appointment. They’re unsure about what to expect and want to make sure they're adequately prepared, since this is a shopping experience unlike any other typical outing. That’s what we’re here to help with today! Let’s break down a few things you’ll need to have on hand and what you can expect from us at your first appointment.





First of all, you can expect your first appointment with us to be an hour and half long. This is the perfect amount of time to try on a wide selection of gowns and get an idea of what you like and don’t like. We don’t want our brides to feel rushed! Our experts know how important this decision is, and we’re prepared for you to look around and try on many gowns. We’ll pair you up with a KF stylist who will dedicate this time to making sure you feel taken care of. Consider her your bridal gown fairy godmother!


Something else to note is that you might not want to go overboard with makeup and hair for this first appointment. It might be tempting to go out and get a spray tan with a full face of makeup, but the reality is that trying on a ton of wedding dresses is a lot of hard work. You might smudge your makeup or tanner on the gowns or risk messing up your hair. While it’s completely okay to wear makeup, go a little light so we don’t risk messing up any of the beautiful dresses!





Your Wedding Inspiration



When it comes to finding the best wedding gown for you, it helps our team to understand what you’re inspired by, what your venue looks like, and what designers you love (if you don’t have a favorite, that’s fine!). Some helpful ways to share your inspiration could be bringing in a mood board, printing out photos of gowns you love, or even showing us your personal Pinterest wedding board.


The reason why we ask about your venue and date is because this can really impact what style of gown will work best for you. Let’s say you’re getting married in an outdoor setting - perhaps you want to avoid gowns with ultra-long trains. Or if you’re getting married during colder months, it might be best to search for a gown with sleeves rather than something more revealing.


Either way, the more information you share with us, the better we can help you! And if you’re still unsure about what style of gown you prefer, our consultants can lead you in the right direction.



Helpful Accessories



Bringing accessories like large alligator clips, smaller clips, and hair ties can help when trying on a variety of gowns because you might need to sweep your hair out of your face at any given moment to make sure you can get a full view of the dress. This is especially important for brides who want to wear a beautiful updo on their wedding day. Having the ability to pull your hair back will help envision your wedding day look!



The Right Shoes



It’s so important that you bring comfortable shoes for this appointment! We recommend coming in with a comfy pair of shoes that are easy to slide on and off, and consider bringing a pair of heels to change into while trying on gowns. If you already have heels that you plan on wearing on your wedding day, perfect! Bring those in so we can assess how they look with the dresses. If you don’t already have shoes, bring a pair of heels that have the same height as what you want to wear for your wedding. Even if you aren’t sure exactly what type of heels you want to wear yet, bringing in a shoe with even a small heel is a great idea because it will make your posture better when trying on dresses - this gives us a better idea of what fits you best!



Proper Undergarments



It’s not completely necessary to bring in shapewear and the perfect bra to this appointment, but it does help to consider what undergarments you wear. It will help you feel more confident when trying on dresses and will also be beneficial for getting a clearer idea of how the gown will look on you for your wedding day. We recommend bringing in (or wearing) a nude convertible bra that can be adjusted for strapless gowns and nude, seamless underwear. You can bring along shapewear as well if you already have that planned out.


Ultimately, our goal is for you to enjoy this experience as much as you can! Have fun and try on lots of dresses; the more you try on, the closer you’ll get to finding “the one.” Our team is trained to put you at ease and help make this process seamless!


If you haven’t booked your appointment with us yet, click here! We can’t wait to get started working with you.