Absolutely loved my wedding dress – it was one of my favorite parts of the wedding experience! I received so many compliments and felt beautiful, comfortable, and elegant throughout the entire day. I am short and curvy, and this dress made me look tall and slim. It was truly a magical dress! Kelly’s dresses are incredibly unique and well made – so thrilled to be a KFbride!

Julianne S

Some things you just "know" and my wedding dress was just one of those things. I saw Kelly's designs before I got engaged, and searched high and low looking for a dress that would make me feel the same way as when I looked at her dresses. I must have tried on 30 dresses looking for one that would meet all the criteria of the Madeline gown since I couldn't find the dress near me. They reached out to a salon close to me and had the sample shipped so I could try it on, and knew before I even put it on that this was the dress I would be ordering. Every step along the way they assisted in making my wedding vision a reality and custom just for me I couldn't be more grateful for the beautiful design by Kelly.


I wore a Kelly Faetanini dress for my wedding and the dress was absolutely perfect! I received SO many compliments on it, it fit like a charm, and I danced the night away very comfortably in it! I can't thank Kelly Faetanini enough for the most perfect wedding dress. They were so easy to work with throughout the whole process too. It was everything, and more, that I could have dreamed of.

Ali P

I dreaded wedding gown shopping more than any other wedding planning task. I had no idea what I wanted and tried on over 20 gowns at various locations. Choosing a Kelly Faetanini gown was one of the best decisions I made for my wedding. I hadn’t had much luck anywhere else and as soon as I went to a boutique that exclusively sold KF gowns, I honestly liked EVERY gown I tried on! The gowns are beautiful but also very well made and more comfortable than I ever imagined a wedding gown being. I chose a gown in the crepe material and it honestly felt like I was wearing a gown made of yoga pant material! I was able to sit, eat and dance all night long. The gowns are all so elegant and classy yet simple and it made me feel like a better, fancier version of myself. Which is exactly how I wanted to feel on my wedding day! I highly recommend!

Sarah F

My KF wedding dress was one of the best decisions I made for my wedding. It was absolutely stunning and the material and craftsmanship are divine! So happy I chose the Florence gown!!!

Nicole B